Finding Latin America at the Elephant is a collaborative process of work between Raquel Villar-Pérez and Latin American women living or working in the Elephant area. We will draw on the relationship between their various places of origin and the Elephant & Castle, by reflecting on the situation of each woman, her fears, hopes, dreams etc.

The central aim is that the stories told serve to strengthen ties between women in the Latin American community.

.- To meet and compile the life stories of Latin American women who are collaborating with the project.
.- The realisation of a map of the Elephant which highlights the spaces/places which the women identify as places where they feel they are at home.
.- The realisation of an emotional map in which the women define these spaces with a smell, a flavour, a sound and a colour.

Strategy: We will interview them individually. We will ask them to guide us to the place they choose to call “home”, where we will take a photo. They will then be asked to describe the place in emotional terms.